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About the Kwok Wu Chuen System

  Created by Master Kenny K. Kuek, the Kwok Wu Chuen Martial Arts System is uniquely set apart from any other martial art and all other activities because it is a way of life. No other activity emphasizes the mental discipline and philosophy in uniting the mind, body and spirit (The 3 Treasures). Thus, it is the responsibility of all Kwok Wu Chuen instructors as educators to teach the philosophical aspects of the Kwok Wu Chuen system. Indeed, it is easy to teach the physical skills of the martial arts, but this can never be mastered completely without the exercise of the mental and spiritual power. More specifically, we must impress upon our students the importance of persistence and perseverance along with the value of sticking with a study that enriches their lives.

Tenets of Kwok Wu Chuen







Indomitable Spirit


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